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Sickness is to the body what sin is to the soul

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Sickness is to the body what sin is to the spirit and soul, but we have complete redemption from both in Christ!

Sin is the outplay of our loss of the Way, the Truth and the Life at the Fall, leaving the core of his being in a broken, sin-sick state. Physical sickness is the playing out in the body of that sin-sick state.

Adam and Eve were created perfectly in spirit, soul and body.  Perfection includes the ability to choose.  They chose to become passionately motivated by a lie, and exchanged their perfection for sin, sickness, and death.

God’s original intent for them physically was divine health.  Before he created them, He expressed His divine love and wisdom in a creation specifically designed to sustain their divine health—the atmosphere, the water, the food sources, the recreation and work environment, etc., were all designed to keep them in perfect health.

Remember reading through Genesis and noting the ages of the early descendants of Adam and Eve?  The typical age of death was near a thousand years old immediately after the Fall. That consistently became less and less after the Fall as the brokenness in Man and the brokenness in the earth’s system took it’s toll.  Man’s body had to learn how to get sick and die after it left its God-intended state of divine health.

Bodily sickness and disease was not God’s intent for Man, just as sin-sickness was not God’s intent for Man.

Through the redemption of Jesus Christ, we are mandated to be holy as God is holy.  Unfortunately, Christians tend to embrace that renewal in the spirit, but at the same time assume that holiness has no impact on the renewal of the body.

But I Thessalonians 5:23 says,

“Now may the God of peace himself sanctify you completely, and may your whole spirit and soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.  He who calls you is faithful; he will surely do it.”

Think about the Old Testament account of God bringing the Israelites out of slavery.  We see a vivid picture of the New Testament reality of Christ bringing His redeemed ones out of slavery to sin.  When the Israelites left Egypt, we are told in Psalm 105:37:

“He brought them forth also with silver and gold: and there was not one feeble person among their tribes.”

After being brutalized by a life of slavery for 400 years, God, in His redemptive powers, provided their bodies with divine health and strength for a life of following and obeying Him.  This was the case even in a broken earth system that was far from the ideal environment God had originally designed to sustain divine health in his children.

After bringing the Israelites out of slavery, God’s intent was to bring them into a land of milk and honey.  Until they arrived at the border to cross over, God fed them with divine manna, a nutritional source created to sustain their divine strength.  Then God showed the people through what the spies brought out to them from the Promised Land that He had cultivated a land for them where the food was so nutritious and supernaturally blessed that two grown men had to suspend a stalk of grapes between them on a pole in order to carry them.

We can conclude that God’s intent is to give His people provision for divine health and strength, even in the midst of the fallen world.

Remember Caleb?  At 80 years of age he was strong and fit, asking God to send him in to battle with His enemies to secure the Land for God’s people.  Remember Moses?  The Word tells us he was fit to the point that even his eyes had not dimmed at an old age.

God wants His people fit and strong, and “He who calls you is faithful; He will surely do it.

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