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Soaking In The Beloved - Graham Cooke

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Soaking in the Beloved from Graham Cooke is a wonderful resource for deepening your relationship with the Father. It combines gentle piano music with Graham speaking words from the Father’s heart about your place in the Beloved––in Christ––welcomed into the very same relationship with the Father! These beautiful meditations on your oneness with the Father draw from John 13-17, and go straight to the heart.

Are you wanting a deeper relationship with your Father? Why not buy this album and set aside enough time to listen all the way through it every day for a week while soaking quietly in his presence? I believe you’ll never be the same!

What is “soaking”?

For those new to soaking, it’s is a rich way to experience God’s presence through prayer. When soaking, we sit or lie quietly, seeking to place our undivided attention on Jesus. With practice, we can learn to silence the worries of daily life and tune our senses to hear from him, see him, feel him, and enjoy a fellowship that spills over from these times of prayer into all of life.

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