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SchoolOfMiracles7What Happens When Healing Happens?

Often we ask the question “why are all not healed”? This is a reasonable question. Sometimes it’s helpful to ask because there are things like refusing to forgive and unbelief that can interfere with receiving healing. But it often distracts us. In studying the problem, we lose sight of our solution: Christ the healer! Someone who is a lexicon of blocks to healing is not equipped to be a more effective healer! Being able to point to a hundred possible causes of failure doesn’t equip us for success. (For example, in many years around cars, I can often identify with some accuracy the source of a mechanical problem by sound or feel. But––I promise you––you do not want me taking your car apart! I’m that guy who always seems to have a few parts left over, and that’s if I get it back together again at all.) Instead, I’ve found it more profitable to ask the Holy Spirit, “what happens when healing happens”? With that lens, we look here at the experience of one woman in scripture who received a powerful healing by faith…

Message Date: February 23, 2014

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