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SchoolOfMiracles8-1Are we in denial when we see sickness in our bodies but say “I am healed”? Are we twisting God’s arm? Does believing something make it so? These common questions all center on the nature of faith and unbelief. Based on Hebrews 11:1-2, I suggest that faith is to spirit what senses are to the physical. Faith is the first and most important of six senses. It is, quite simply, spiritual sight. It doesn’t create anything, it doesn’t “wish” things to be true, it simply sees what’s already yours in Christ and receives it. And when we “walk by faith and not by sight,” our physical bodies, our circumstances, and our five physical senses too quickly come into alignment. Then we will even “taste and see that God is good” because God the Father loves to tickle his kids!

Message Date: March 16, 2014

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