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Reading Radical? – February, 2016

Reading Radical? Share a meal and conversation about how author David Platt has turned your heart in deeper ways to the radical Gospel of Jesus Christ. We can either have a dinner together in Montara at the Pattersons on Friday night, February 26th, or a brunch on Saturday, February 27th, depending on people’s preference.

The question we will address together is drawn from page 83: What would it mean for all of us—pastors and church members, businessmen and businesswomen, lawyers and doctors, consultants and construction workers, teachers and students, on-the-go professionals and stay-at home-moms—to spend all of our lives for the sake of all of God’s glory in all of the world?

A good meal, good friends, uplifting conversation…hope you’ll join in!

A Radical Book Discussion – January, 2016

Anyone up for reading Radical by David Platt over the next month or so and discussing his insights about living out the Kingdom? Platt is a very articulate, engaging writer and no matter where you come down on his perspectives, you definitely won’t be bored reading his book. If you happen to set goals for things you want to read in 2016, Radical ought to be on that list.

Here’s Platt stating his purpose for writing Radical:

We will see a purpose for our lives that transcends the country and culture we live in, and we will see our desperate need for his presence to fulfill that purpose in us. We will discover that our meaning is found in community and our life is found in giving ourselves for the sake of others in the church, among the lost, and among the poor. We will evaluate where true security and safety are found in this world, and in the end we will determine not to waste our lives on anything but uncompromising, unconditional abandonment to a gracious, loving Savior who invites us to take radical risk and promises us radical reward.

We’ll plan a meal together and a discussion evening at the end of February for those who want to think together about his perspectives.

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