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If Jesus hadn’t said with all the power of Heaven, “Behold I make all things new,” we would sit at the beginning of this new year feeling impotent and unwilling to set next-level goals for our lives. Many people dread making New Year resolutions because they instantly get a wave of feeling, “I won’t keep them so why bother.” They start into a new season thinking “recycle,” “rerun” and “same-old-same-old” for their lives. They think, “I am who I am.”

Jesus could have come to this earth in the same way He will return, in all His glory and splendor, but the Father chose for Jesus to enter the world at the beginning of a day-by-day, moment-by-moment process in which the Lord made it unmistakably clear that life is a growth process. Every moment is holy because every moment is truly a new beginning. Every moment is a new choice to go farther, closer to the edge of what is possible as Man walking with God on this earth in one lifetime.

I bless you this New Year with a deeper revelation of the God-intended joy of process. Look at your life as spirit, soul and body. What steps can you envision taking today so your outward life is conformed to your inward righteousness in Christ? Take one step in one moment of time. And then, behold, there’s a new moment! It is Satan who says, “Just keep living the way you live and thinking the way you think because change is too hard, basically impossible.”

I read an article about the human body, revealing that if a 100 year old individual who has been wheelchair bound for years begins to exercise a muscle, that muscle will begin to regenerate strength. That is true of the human body up to the moment a person takes their last breath. God is a God of moment-by-moment new beginnings.

Just don’t quit taking advantage of your new beginnings. And if you happen to quit, that moment is behind you now and this moment is all new in Christ.

I bless you with holy inspiration, with hope that will not disappoint, with the joy of change and growth. I bless you to never be the same person when you go to bed at night that you were when you awoke in the morning, or the same person tomorrow that you are today.

You are going from glory to glory, from light to greater light, from life to greater life in Christ. Your life is a God-adventure. Nothing about it is recycled, rerun, or going around the same old mountain again. You are going somewhere in Christ and you have resources inside of you by the Holy Spirit that will get you where your righteous heart wants to go.

You are a NEW creation, and God’s mercies are NEW every morning. At the start of this New Year, have fun dreaming and planning with God about the spiritual and physical health you will move toward…one holy moment at a time.

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