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As we embrace the truth that Christians are intended by God to be the healthiest people on the planet, here are some simple yet profound shifts in spiritual perspective that can help us cooperate with God’s desire.

In an interview of Pastor Paul Tripp regarding his weight loss journey, the following perspectives he expressed are worth our attention:

Instead of talking about eating habits, he spoke about his “relationship to food.”

He observed, “I love how much of the glory of God in creation is edible. It is a sweet thing that God created a pleasurable world of food—but that pleasure of food is meant to be a finger that points me to God. It is not meant to be the thing that satisfies my heart.”

“What was happening to me is, if you gain a half a pound a month you don’t notice it, but that is six pounds a year and in five years you could put on 30 pounds. And that is all the result of the pleasure of food having too much control over the way you think about a good evening or a good day or a good week. And so I have had to confess that—confess patterns of gluttony—and completely change my relationship to food in order to eat what I should eat for the maintenance of my physical body…For me it was not about weight—though that was an issue—as much as living in a more appropriate way.”

“It is only when your heart is properly satisfied with God that you now have the power to say no to other things that would tempt you to go there for satisfaction.”

“The lifestyle of my heart toward food has changed.”

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