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I believe God is saying, “Release the worshippers. The worshippers will supernaturally inspire and empower the pray-ers. The pray-ers will get clarity and empowerment to rule and reign in the work through worship, and it will translate into spirit-directed prayer.

The work will be accomplished during worship by:
The release of vision
The release of the will to sacrifice and
The release of clarity of alignment

To the worship leaders:

Worship with the songs I’ve placed in your spirit.

Worship with the ‘new songs,’ the ones I’ve given to you personally. There is power for your place on the wall that will flow through worshipping with original music I send and anoint. Theirs is theirs, and yours is yours.

Don’t underestimate the music and words I pull through your heart, music that is five smooth stones, music that is a two-edged sword.

Wield the worship that is uniquely yours for you have a unique assignment.

The vision for that assignment, the will to sacrifice and the alignment needed will come clear in this worship, not just to the leaders, but to the people as well.”

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